"If the furniture makers of yesteryear knew that their work is still valued today - how proud they would be...!"

Searching for and finding antiques, restoring the furniture, photographing the objects, showing them to customers, presenting them on the homepage, working out the expertise, finding the right prospective buyer, the delivery, setting up the piece of furniture and finally seeing that it has got a nice new place - all this makes this profession so exciting and varied!

Timo Balbach

Brief curriculum vitae:

Attended the master school in Münster
(degree: master carpenter).

Foundation of the art and antiques trade Galerie Balbach

in 2013
Volunteering in the antique furniture department of an auction house in Stuttgart

Employment as a furniture restorer

Attended the Academy of Design in Münster (graduation: designer in crafts)

Apprenticeship as a carpenter in a carpentry workshop in Ahaus (graduation: journeyman carpenter)