Rainer Haaff - Oak Furniture

The first and comprehensive work on oak furniture from Baroque to Art Nouveau of all qualities and price ranges, with current market prices from leading specialist dealers, renowned furniture experts and well-known auction houses.

Comprehensive introduction to oak wood and oak furniture: characteristics, properties, processing instructions and restoration tips from an experienced restorer.

An overview of the major furniture styles: Style definition and style characteristics of Baroque and Rococo, Louis XVI, Empire, Biedermeier, Second Rococo and Louis-Philippe, Neo-Gothic, Neo-Renaissance and Wilhelminian, Art Nouveau.

Importance of oak furniture over the centuries: occurrence, frequency, popularity, style compatibility, geographical and regional factors.

Comprehensive, compendium-like catalogue section: Stylistically, furniture typologically and regionally structured catalogue section with 1100 illustrations of middle-class and rural oak furniture from 1650 to 1920.

ISBN: 3938701005

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