Rainer Haaff - Splendid period furniture

In this standard work on Historicist furniture, Prof. Rainer Haaff brings the wild confusion of the different styles into a sensible order.
Each well-illustrated piece of furniture is accompanied by a brief and concise description and a current market price.

The book is divided into 13 style chapters of German Historicism: Neo-Gothic, Louis-Philippe, Second Rococo, Neo-Renaissance, Wilhelminian, Makart style, Baroque styles, Third Rococo, Dresden Baroque style, Thonet style, Viennese Baroque style, Louis XVI style and Empire style.

In addition, we find 30 style chapters of international Historicism: Régence, Louis-XV, Transition, Louis-XVI, Empire, Napoleon III, Boulle furniture, Marketerie furniture, Pietra-dura furniture, Malachite furniture, Porcelain furniture, Enamel furniture, Chinoiserie and Japonism furniture, Orientalism furniture, Bugatti furniture, Moor furniture, Grotto furniture, Hunting furniture, Antler furniture, Bear furniture, Curiosa.

Fascinating journey through time 1835 to 1920 with 280 luxurious interiors of the nobility and bourgeoisie as well as enchanting fashion portraits.

ISBN: 9783938701058

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