Gloria Ehret - German Furniture of the 18th Century

The 18th century is considered the golden age of furniture art par excellence. Neither before nor since have works of comparable technical and artistic brilliance been created in such variety and multiplicity.

In this century, Germany appeared as a mosaic of large and small secular and ecclesiastical territorial domains with royal courts, princely seats, bishop's residences, free imperial and Hanseatic cities. The resulting conditions gave rise to a rich palette of the most diverse furniture styles, types and forms.

The aim of this book is to present this diversity of 18th-century German furniture art in its regional manifestations and special forms. The arc spans from Baroque furniture, characterised by heaviness, splendour and moving mightiness, to Rococo furniture, characterised by daintiness, playfulness and comfort, to the works of Classicism, which are based on the aesthetic ideas of antiquity and are clear and simple in structure, without giving up the lightness gained in the Rococo.

In a concise, well-founded text, the author describes the developments in the most important furniture centres, starting with the most important types of furniture. Almost exclusively unpublished picture material from the art trade was selected for the accompanying picture examples.
The focus of the presentation is on case furniture, especially cabinets, writing furniture and chests of drawers. These have survived in greatest numbers and are best integrated into our modern living and lifestyle. They are accompanied by tables and seating as well as small pieces of furniture, which experienced their heyday in the advanced 18th century and are particularly sought after today.

ISBN: 3874051749

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