Rainer Haaff - Louis-Philippe Furniture

Comprehensive work on Louis-Philippe furniture of all qualities and price ranges with current market prices, determined by leading specialist dealers and well-known auction houses.

-Comprehensive introduction to Louis-Philippe: concept of style, definition of style, style characteristics. Origin and spread of the style. Comparison to the Rococo, exemplarity and independence. Determination of age, types of wood, fittings and fabric coverings of the Louis-Philippe.

-Valuable tips for dealers and collectors: market situation, trends, price development, quality factors, price components, collectors' criteria.

-Large colour section: over 150 colour illustrations, including 80 Louis-Philippe furniture highlights.

-Comprehensive catalogue section: 40 different furniture types, over 500 illustrations of marketable, rare and museum Louis-Philippe furniture.
All furniture and clocks with description and current market prices.

ISBN: 3897902079

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