Dietrich Fabian - Abraham and David Roentgen

According to new research, Abraham (1711-1793) and his son David Roentgen (1743-1807) from Neuwied are among the most important furniture artists of the 18th century. The Roentgen workshop lasted from 1742 to 1793 and developed from a simple carpenter's workshop into one of the great manufactories of the decorative arts in Europe. The Roentgens created about 2000 pieces of bourgeois and courtly furniture, of which about 500 have come down to us, today distributed in the most important museums of the world.

This book, with its 80 pages, drawings and 171 pictures, has two purposes. On the one hand, it was intended to provide a general overview of the large Roentgen Handbook, also published by the same author and the International Academy of Cultural Studies, including the important details, in a readable form for experts and interested laymen according to the latest research. On the other hand, it contains the evidence for the identification and classification of Roentgen furniture.

After the introduction, the six development phases of the workshop and its twelve different main types of furniture with their diverse functions and constructions are shown. This is followed by explanations of signatures on furniture, 57 of which have become known. In addition, there are those of 22 employees or successors. Ownership notes were found on 23 pieces of Roentgen furniture.

The Roentgen furniture, which is scattered between St. Petersburg, Berlin and Malibu/California in private ownership and museums, was visited, analysed and photographed as far as it was accessible.
Thus it is now possible to assess the great work of father and son with certainty.

ISBN: 3922923879

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