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The history of the company E.J. Riley Limited began in 1878 when Edward John Riley started manufacturing sports accessories. In the 1890s, he then moved into the production of billiard, snooker and pool tables. Throughout the 20th century, Riley was considered one of the most important manufacturers of billiard tables in England before the business went out of business in 2002, the rights to the name were taken over by other manufacturers.

The so-called Convertible Table presented here dates from around 1910. It has a size of 5 feet, so it is quite small and well suited for use at home.
The special thing about the table is its height-adjustable patent and the extension boards, which make it very easy to convert the table into a dining table. Lift it and let it lock into place, and the table is approx. 15 cm higher or lower.
The mechanism can also be finely adjusted so that the table can be perfectly aligned with the (still original) spirit level.
The table is played on a slate top covered with (renewed) fabric. The solid mahogany legs ensure a secure stand.

Rare to find is the table with all its original accessories. So were still present and in good condition:
-5 cues. All stamped E.J. Riley. Auxiliary cue with attachment.
-Complete set of ivory balls. Made circa 1910 by the manufacturer CRYSTALATE.
-A spirit level as an original accessory by Riley for aligning the table.
-Numerous cue tips made of leather.
-Game stand board for wall mounting.
-4 lay-up boards as dining table surface.
-Triangle, chalk, etc....

There are and were objects in my shop that I will never forget. This snooker table is certainly one of them!

Are you interested in a billiard table like this? Or do you own such a table and would like to sell it? Please contact me!

We would also be happy to restore your billiard table!

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