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The classic Atmos clock

Timeless through the decades...

In 1927, the first Atmos watch was presented, at that time still with the old mercury motor. In the 1930s, Jaeger LeCoultre took over the production rights and in 1938 the first watches (Atmos II) were delivered.

Since then, the design of the watch has hardly changed. But what is the source of success of this unique design? How is it that this one watch never seems to get old?
Probably it is the clear line - the unmistakable, the classic, the simple elegance.
The fascinating technology remains openly visible, separated from the viewer only by a 2.5 mm thick glass pane. There is nothing to hide in the "clock that lives on air".

Of course, in addition to the classic model, there were and are also numerous special models, colour and dial variants. But when you think of the Atmos, you usually think of the "Atmos Classique". With its gold-plated case, white dial ring and the openly visible spectacle of the ever-moving rotating pendulum, this model is the epitome of classic beauty.
The semi-oscillations of the balance are seemingly suspended and performed with infinite slowness. And so the viewer of this clock has plenty of time to think about how the technology works, why the nitrous oxide engine has not found a use in other fields and many other important topics in life!

Somewhat less poetically, however, another thesis could be put forward. The watch is built solely by Jaeger LeCoultre. There is no pressure to constantly set oneself apart from competitors' innovations. There is also nothing to improve.
If we look back at past centuries, fashion changed very slowly. Biedermeier furniture was always cubist, and over decades the angular contours became round. Why do these processes go so much faster today? Because there is competitive pressure, constant improvements in materials and reporting in home and fashion magazines that always want new stories.

The design of the Atmos also changes - but, as befits this watch - in infinite slowness...

You can find some Atmos models from our range here.

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