On this blog, I would like to bring you a little closer to my passion for antiques.

For me, these objects are much more than just furniture or furnishings. They are witnesses of past eras, evidence of the creativity of craftsmanship and, last but not least, objects of art and collecting...

Enjoy reading!

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Antiques with patina

Furniture restoration with patina preservation

Whether chest of drawers, table, cupboard or chair, if antique furniture could talk, it would probably have a lot to tell. Stories of the centuries. It is precisely these stories that the patina "tells". Every scratch, every quirk, every discolouration is witness to its own little episode....

But what is exactly the right degree of signs of age and use? What is worth preserving? Where does patina end and decay begin?

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Classic Atmos Clock

Timeless through the decades...

How can it be that a watch has managed with an almost unchanged design since 1938 and is considered equally modern by every generation? And that, when fashion is subject to constant change, especially in this day and age!
If we think of cars, furniture, clothes, even hairstyles, fragrances and music - everything has changed constantly over the decades.

Not so the Atmos Classique from Jaeger LeCoultre!

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The fine English way!

I have fond memories of this great snooker table from around 1910. The well-known English manufacturer E.J. Riley in Accrington developed the special patent, making it very easy to convert from a billiard table to a dining table. Ingenious!

With all original accessories such as balls, cues and spirit level, this table is absolutely rare and collectible!

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Sustainable living with antique furniture!

A carpenter, a carver and a blacksmith helped to make this cabinet over 220 years ago - craftsmen from the Trier region.
Perhaps after 100 years the cabinet was restored, made pretty and sold on. In this way, the cabinet could have secured another job after 100 years.

Then, as now, only natural materials were and are used in the restoration. That is pure sustainability!

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...craftsmanship has golden soil!

Antique furniture is a piece of craftsmanship history! The age and also the origin of the piece of furniture can be determined on the basis of the construction, the wood used and the traces of the hand tools.

Previous training in carpentry not only gives me an appreciation for wood as a material, but also for the activities of the craftsmen who made furniture with simple tools in the 17th, 18th or 19th centuries.

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embossed leather

What could be more beautiful than the old, original leather?

A small water stain here, a quirk there, colour changes due to years of exposure to the sun. Some see it as a blemish, we call it patina!

An old leather lives from the changes it has undergone through the years of use.

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A very special piece of furniture!

Some call it a transformation secretary, others simply a magic table.

Officially, this piece of furniture is called "Secrétaire à culbute" and it can be transformed from a side table into a ladies' secretary in just a few steps.

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Commode Kirchheim Teck

Individual living - with an antique piece of furniture!

This chest of drawers exists exactly once. The carpenter must have been a true master of his trade, because all the inlays fit together perfectly and the drawers still run smoothly today, almost 290 years later.

Respect for this great craftsmanship!

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