Stefan Baumeier - Feine Möbel aus Westfalen

Philipp Ferdinand Ludwig Bartscher (1749-1823) was a versatile artist and busy businessman. Among other things, he worked as a painter, restorer, drawing teacher, art writer, but above all as a furniture manufacturer. Between 1792 and 1806 he ran Westphalia's first "furniture factory" in his home town of Rietberg. In this short period of time, Bartscher developed an extremely diverse and extensive production.

His works were so well suited to the international taste of classicism that they sold like hot cakes in Westphalian aristocratic and wealthy bourgeois circles. Bartscher's furniture designs could certainly compete with the productions of leading workshops of his time in their proportions as well as in the selection, combination and arrangement of the decorative elements.

The Rietberger developed independent works of furniture art with an individual handicraft signature that has a high recognition value and elevates Bartscher to a characteristic artistic personality of Westphalian rank.

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