Impact strip

We use the term "knock strip" to describe a strip that covers the vertical door gap on a two-door wardrobe. As a rule, the batten is attached to the door on which the lock is also located.

The striking strip can be very unobtrusive in that it matches the colour of the rest of the furniture and hits the centre of the carcase. However, it can also make a significant contribution to the design of the piece of furniture by being of a different colour, by being off-centre or by being decorated.

Antique furniture from the Baroque period often has heavy columns or other ornaments mounted on the strikers. Classicist headboards are often decorated with carvings such as wickerwork or disc bands.

In the photo you can see a Biedermeier cabinet whose ebonised moulding in combination with the flanking columns breaks up the flatness of the furniture front and divides the piece of furniture vertically.

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