Rainer Haaff - Softwood Furniture

Comprehensive standard work on softwood furniture of all qualities and price ranges with current market prices by a competent jury.
Well-sorted reference book and much-used reference work. Most of the photos are unfortunately in black and white.

-750 illustrations of softwood furniture from the period 1700 to 1920.

-Every piece of softwood furniture with description and dealer price. Current prices for restored softwood furniture from 200 to 40000 €.

-Pricing by a jury of 20 well-known furniture experts, dealers, auctioneers, restorers and specialist book authors.

-concrete introductions to the styles Baroque, Louis-XVI, Empire, Biedermeier, Louis-Philippe, Gründerzeit and Art Nouveau. With many historical illustrations.

-Valuable advice for collectors and dealers on originals, fakes, repros, conversions and mariages.

-extensive restoration tips from an experienced restorative author. Many practical examples of instructive restoration methods in words and pictures.

ISBN: 9783866460263

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