Christian Schatt - Baroque and Rococo Furniture

Baroque and Rococo furniture, whether carved or inlaid, whether strictly architecturally structured or elegantly curved, are impressive testimonies to one of the most prolific periods of furniture making in the German-speaking world. They are prized possessions and bring a personal touch to elegant interiors.

Christian Schatt, art historian and furniture restorer from Dresden, imparts basic knowledge about craft techniques, materials and constructive details of the furniture. Their chronological and local classification is easily comprehensible for the reader with the help of colour illustrations of representative pieces from the art and auction trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For those interested, the sales proceeds achieved are indicated. Notes on the purchase, care and preservation of the furniture conclude the book. Addresses of art dealers' associations and museums, detailed bibliographical references and an index invite the reader to delve deeper into this delightful subject of collecting.

ISBN: 389441472

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