Sekretär restaurieren
Restoration of a secretary

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Möbel restaurieren vorher nachher
Restoration of a chest of drawers

>you can find more restoration examples here!

<p>Middle German<br />
Walnut<br />
Baroque around 1750</p>

Baroque chest of drawers

Middle German
Baroque around 1750

<p>Mainz (Kimbel workshop)<br />
Walnut etc.<br />
Biedermeier around 1830</p>

Mainz Biedermeier Secretary

Mainz (Kimbel workshop)
Walnut etc.
Biedermeier around 1830

<p>France<br />
Walnut<br />
around 1850</p>

Large antique bookcase

around 1850

<p>France<br />
Mahogany, leather<br />
Empire around 1810</p>

Antique architect's table

Mahogany, leather
Empire around 1810

<p>France<br />
Mahogany<br />
Empire around 1805</p>

Antique armchair

Empire around 1805

<p>France<br />
Bronze gilt<br />
Empire around 1815</p>

Pendule - Mercury the messenger of the gods

Bronze gilt
Empire around 1815

<p>France<br />
Rosewood, bone, ebony<br />
France around 1860/1900</p>

Antique dominoes

Rosewood, bone, ebony
France around 1860/1900

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